Research Data Center (RDC) Annual Renewal Form

Researcher's Name:
Researcher's Title:
Contact Phone Number:
Project Name:
Year being reported on:
Describe the academic program or research supported. If this is a request to add or replace equipment, list specific publications, presentations, theses, dissertations, etc., supported by data gathered from the equipment already located in the RDC:
If this request is associated with a grant, please provide the grant title, PI, amount and duration of funds.
Identify what physical access to the equipment in the RDC will be required, who will need access, and frequency of access.
Describe the age of the equipment and its replacement plan. What are the future plans for this equipment (end of life/decommissioning dates)?
[Not applicable for usage if VMWare server]
Describe plans for backing up the data stored on the equipment (if needed).
If the data need to be accessed from off campus, describe precautions being taken to prevent unauthorized access to and disclosure of the data (if needed); or check here if no off campus access is needed:
Identify any special requirements. This could include (but is not limited to) enhanced network connectivity.
Attach detailed specifications, which must be sufficient to gauge required power, cooling, and floor / rack space.
[NOT REQUIRED for usage of VMWare server or hosting renewals with no changes]
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If you are renewing, adding to, or replacing equipment you already are using at the RDC, please fill out the following table. This information will help the RDC Steering Committee gauge the extent to which RDC-hosted equipment has helped garner grant support and/or facilitated work done on grants, as well as the kind of work the RDC-hosted equipment is used for.
[Each row should total 100%] Grant/Proposal Identifier(s) % RDC Use Devoted to Your Research % RDC Use Devoted to Research by Others % RDC Use Devoted to Teaching or Training % RDC Use Devoted to Other Purposes
Externally-funded grants related to RDC-hosted equipment. Identify by AU number(s).
Internal awards related to RDC-hosted equipment (to yourself or to your students).
Use of RDC-hosted equipment not related to any funding source. N/A